Toyota Forklift Periodic Maintenance Service (PM)

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Prevent Unplanned Downtime and Costly Repairs

- With our packages, you can tailor your maintenance service to your business, no matter the size.


Brand: Toyota, BT, Raymond
Type: Every 250 Hours (PM250), Every 1000 Hours (PM1000), Every 2000 Hours (PM2000), Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annual, Annual, On Site Techncian (Fleet)



- Service & labor according to maintenance service type

- Parts (oils, lubricants, filters, etc)

- Report with status & recommendations


Why should I choose a maintenance service package?

- With regular maintenance, you can prevent major downtime and repair costs. Broken parts will be identified early enough and fixed before the damage becomes extensive. Repair costs for extensive damage might be as high as the cost of buying a forklift. Thus, consider  one of our maintenance service packages to avoid incurring such huge costs.

- Your best bet is to sign up for a periodic maintneance service agreement when you buy your Toyota forklift. 


How often do I need to service my forklift?

- Servicing your forklift regularly will help you increase the productivity of your business and ensure safety at the work place. Safety should be a top priority; if ignored, damage and injuries could happen. This could ruin your business and get you into legal problems as well. Thus, take the services seriously to grow your business optimally and safely.


What do I always get?

- Transparent service with no hidden costs

- Certified Toyota technicians, who have completed Toyota STEP training program

- Every Toyota service offers you Toyota genuine parts 


Does it really matter which replacement parts I put on my forklift?

- Yes, it is. Your Toyota forklift came complete with all Toyota Genuine Parts. If you start putting replacement parts on your truck, you’re really compromising its durability and long term value.

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