Toyota Forklift Operator Training


Why choose Toyota as your forkkift operator training partner?


A productive warehouse starts with a safe workplace. Since working with forklifts create a high-risk environment, it’s important to raise awareness among forklift operators. Knowing how to drive a forklift efficiently and safely already reduces the risk of accidents happening. This not only contributes to your employees’ safety and well-being, but also to reduce damage cost and labor cost. 


Raise Productivity in Your Operation

- Improve driving skills

- Improve operators’ motivation  

- Improve forklift knowledge


Having a properly trained team with excellent driving skills will boost the workflow in your operation. Standardization in your warehouse will increase, and your forklifts will need less service and repairs.



- Service & labor according to repair service type

- Parts 

- Report with status & recommendations


What do I always get?

- Duration: 1 to 5 days

- Purpose: Safe and efficient use of the trucks and healthy working postures

- Where: In a classroom, at a Toyota training facility and/or on your site

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