First Choice Partner, Build Trust and Respect

The company's mission is to be first choice partner for all customers looking for material handling solution and to be widely recognized for our innovative products, services and respect for society.

To build trust and confidence with customers by delivering outstanding materials handling products and services which add real value to their business.

The expectations and ambitions of employees, stakeholders and suppliers are respected through a never-ending search to improve.

Core Values

Our business approach and the values that guide our conduct is based on the "Toyota Way". It is a management philosophy and a set of principles that represents the highest level of guidance for our business practices as well as our behavior in our daily work. All employees are expected to apply these values in their daily work and relation with others.


We maintain a long-term vision and strive to meet all challenges with the courage and creativity needed to realize that vision.


We improve our business operations continuously, always driving innovation and evolution. As no process can ever be declared perfect, there is always room for improvement.


We respect others and make every effort to understand them. We accept responsibility and do our best to build mutual trust.

Genchi Genbutsu

We practice "Genchi Genbutsu" which means "going to the source" to find the facts to make correct decisions, build consensus and achieve goals.


We stimulate personal and professional growth, as well as share opportunities of develop.


Handling Innovation Incorporated and is now also known as Toyota Material Handling is the sole Distributor of Toyota, BT, Raymond Material Handling Equipments in the Philippines. The company was establish on 2002 and been continuously growing ever since. It started as the official distributor of BT products (Sweden-2002), Raymond products (US-2005) and then Toyota warehouse trucks (Japan-2009).

For over 50 years Toyota has been at the forefront of the global materials handling market and has been a pioneer in forklift technology.

In 2006, all brands were placed under Toyota Material Handling Group (TMHG). Through this organization, efforts are being made to pursue synergies among the historically strong brands with the aim of further strengthening global competitiveness.

TMHG will continue to grow to be a strong presence that meets diverse needs in the logistics workplace in countries and regions worldwide.

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